Isabel Lewis

Isabel Lewis is an artist working with dance, music, scent and installation. In the format she
calls the hosted occasion most recently presented by the Tate Modern London, Ming
Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai, and SchirnKunsthalle, particular conditions are created
for a celebratory meeting of things, people, plants, music, smells and dances and where the
intellectual and the sensual are inseparable.

For We Make Waves  Lewis will play a solo set of her electronic music made to be experienced in a state of rest and relaxation. Lewis produces ambient yet rhythmic sound by sampling, layering, distorting, looping and morphing together fragments from a broad range of musical influences from medieval chamber music to Juicy J.

The result is like a slow tempo underwater rave where the music almost reminds of you
something but then slips away from recognition. Pitch-shifted samples are layered over other
samples, fragments of pop music chopped and screwed then smoothed over and reorganized
like a mutating body writhing and swaying. Is that a sample from Drake? Is it Phil Collins? Is it
the harp from Lana Del Rey’s “Videogames”? It’s all of them and more and none of them at all.
Lewis’ music is an uncanny collage of pop culture, transformed by digital effects into a sonic
fabric that envelops the space at once familiar and strange as in a recurring dream.

Isabel is performing at ACUD Gallery on Thursday, November 9th, 2017 @ Midnight – 2 a.m.

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