Julianna Barwick

 Sometimes she sounds like she’s calling to you from across a field, sometimes like she’s wailing from the top of a crow’s nest, sometimes like she’s an angel choir singing in full glory at the rising of the goddamn sun. More often than not her lyrics suggest words rather than fully articulate them, like hearing a voice on the wind or a little conversation burbling up from the stream. She loops these syllables together with strings and synths and pianos to create gorgeous, occasionally unsettling, vocal-driven ambient music that turns whatever room you’re in into a sonic cathedral. – The Stranger

Julianna Barwick’s art is equal parts force and beauty. Her music finds its motor in significant events in her own life, but they are abstracted into a sense of sonic wonderment, a radiance that you could say is her signature sound. Julianna’s compositions emerge out of a highly individual way of improvising with her loop station, her voice and various instruments. Like a potter raising a vase from a slowly turning wheel, she grows her melodies by layering and sculpting voice and instrument samples until she has achieved a rich harmonic vessel. “There’s a total ease I feel when I’m making music,” she says. “I never want it to be too left-brained. With photography I was always trying to make a perfect portrait. That’s a whole other way of thinking from the way I make music.” Far from the secondhand emotions and digital dabblings of so many other artists, Julianna Barwick’s music is the real deal: a life-affirming work of importance, interest… and sheer beauty.

Julianna will perform at St. Elisabeth Kirche on Thursday, November 9th, 2017.

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