Radical softness, empowering resistance… Just the name itself, “Lyra”, seems to be glowing. And the person behind it is as mesmerizing and poetical as the sound of it. Pretty much anything Lyra does seems to be emitting the warm, charming feeling of positive energy and hope you get when you meet her in person. She’s a singer, she’s a musician, she’s an activist, a poet, a magical creature. – Kink

American singer, composer-producer, and performance artist, Lyra Pramuk’s work is far-arcing by necessity, accomplishing a remarkably broad practice with a brevity of movement.Where the voice is deployed most imaginatively and seductively for Lyra is just where the orbit of electronic music is conceived as a modular spectrum. Seizing on recorded work as well as performance to be a process of sampling and synthesis, genres are cross-pollinated and extended, returning all the while back to her formative impulse that storytelling is song, and song is a means of short-circuiting the structures we are sold as real difference in this world. Maximalist vocal processing cajoles us through melodrama and mystique, emotive vocalizations playfully stir instability. Whether embodied in Lyra’s practice as elemental assets of philosophy, theatre, or folk-musical histories, a kinder future is summoned as a fictive play in the present. Lyra is based in Berlin, Germany.

Lyra will perform at St. Elisabeth Kirche on Thursday, November 9th, 2017.

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