No Shade

No Shade will be performing at their home base ACUD Club on Friday 10. November,
1:30 – 3:30 a.m.

Line-up: No Shade b2b Linnéa /// Ceekayin2u + Poly Maze + Ace of Diamonds + Auco + Panasiagirl

No Shade  is a club night series & DJ training program for female/non-binary DJs based in Berlin.

No shade is an initiative in collaboration with ACUD MACHT NEU and funded by Musicboard Berlin. The idea is to help female and non binary beginner DJs get one foot in the game by reserving two slots on each upcoming No Shade party lineup, for this purpose. By having the motivation of a confirmed, and paid, DJ gig together with a well known headliner as well as another experienced and local DJ on the same lineup, we also want to make sure this will be a successful and comfortable experience by offering a monthlong training program leading up to the performance. The training program is focused on DJing using CDJ-2000NXS and includes live hardware and software (Pioneer Rekordbox) tutorials, private practice sessions, basic music theory knowledge, useful technical knowledge as well as several mentors sharing their tips, tricks and personal experiences.