The Chicks (Chicks On Speed)

The Chicks are a performance art collective, including members of Chicks on Speed, as well as other artists and collaborators.

The Chicks include:

A.L. Steiner, a visual artist, the co-curator of Ridykeulous, the co-founder of Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), a collective member of Chicks on Speed, and serial collaborator. Steiner is currently a Fall 2017 Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. A.L. is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Hilary Jeffery is a trombone player and sound artist. Hilary has the ability to play octaves, overtones simultaneously. This is his otherworldly weapon, setting an individual path as trans, non binary artist poised to disrupt the music industry from the inside.

Nelly Ellinor, singer, composer and piano player lives in Cologne and has many bands and is a prolific performer. When not on stage Nelly composed and works in the film industry.

Jesseline Sarkodie is from Hamburg and born in Ghana. She studied business management to please the family and is a dancer and singer working with international performance groups.

Özge Samanci is an artist living in Chicago, she is on fellowship at the American Academy in Berlin.Herr newest publication ‘Dare to Disappoint’ is about growing up in Turkey. Özge will be creating the visuals live.

Melissa E. Logan is a founder of Chicks on Speed, she lives in Cologne. She works as a solo artist in the fields of painting, installation and performance. Logan brings together artists in collaboration for sound pieces, in a blur of activity building platforms for culture to happen. Logan founded the University of Craft Action Thought and together with Nelly Ellinor it forms a pod for growing interactive collaboration and knowledge development, an institute for doing and un learning. She is with Galerie Gisela Clement in Bonn.

The Chicks (Chicks on Speed) will perform at St. Elisabeth Kirche on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

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