We Make Waves Festival & Conference Coming November 2017

Coming your way this November: We Make Waves, a new meetup event, conference and showcase festival for women and nonbinary folks in music, taking place 9-11 Berlin in November 2017.

Like many others, we’ve been excited by the recent uptick in feminist discourse in mainstream circuits, and were looking for a way to move the conversation on topics like diversity, inclusion and intersectionality forward. With WMW, we aim to bring together the amazing collectives, networks and individuals already active in the field, and together draw up some blueprints for progress. Community and visibility are WMW’s twin goals, which we feel are two of the most powerful forces for change.

WMW aims to:

  • Showcase female and non-binary talent from different nationalities, backgrounds, formats and genres in our festival programme
  • Provide a level platform for a diverse range of voices in our programme of talks, discussion groups, interviews and panels
  • Share practical skills and tools to survive and thrive (in the industry and beyond) via our workshops and mentoring sessions
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration, with focus on cross-cultural and cross-genre partnerships
  • Promote year-round research in the field of women in music
  • Pool resources to provide an advisory body on the topic of gender inclusivity

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