JD Samson

JD Samson is a ground-breaking musician, a passionate activist and a living, breathing queer icon. – Diva Magazine

For well over a decade now, JD Samson has proven herself to be one of NYC’s most enduring creative forces. Since first capturing the public’s attention in the early 2000’s as a member of the pioneering feminist electro-pop band Le Tigre (with whom she would record two albums), Samson has gone on to work in almost every conceivable medium. A formidable songwriter, producer, visual artist and internationally renowned DJ, Samson has amassed a body of work that not only spans a variety of fields—everything from pop music and fine art to curatorial work, political activism, and fashion—but has also helped galvanize NYC’s LGBT community.

A valiant supporter of LGBT issues, Samson has provided a glowing example for the lesbian and gender-queer communities—lending her voice, her talents, and her image whenever necessary. “I’ve been happy and surprised to be viewed as an activist simply for being myself,” Samson explains, “But I never wanted that to overshadow my creative work. I always felt that the two things could somehow inform each other. Mostly I feel super-lucky to be able to have my hand in so many things. I like working with people that really care about what they do and work really hard and have great hearts. That’s always been the thing that’s directed my career more than anything else.”

“I’m definitely interested in positive vibes,” she says. “I think that comes out of this extension of we always tried to do in Le Tigre and what we wanted to create. We wanted people to feel safe and happy dancing together. Now I feel like that’s still my role, to create a space where anyone can have fun and dance, no matter who they are. I feel like generally people want to have a happy, ecstatic time. The vibe that I want people to feel is ‘We all love each other in this room and we want to hold on to each other’.”

JD will deliver the Keynote Lecture at St. Elisabeth Kirche on Thursday, November 9th, 2017.

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