The workshop on modular synthesizer is hosted by two young but experienced women of the electronic music scene. Both work in the electronic heart of Berlin – SchneidersLaden.

Jessica is a musician and modular synth expert from SchneidersLaden. She worked there for the past 7 years and still is. During this time she gave several workshops on modular synths. These workshops were held at various festivals such as SUPERBOOTH17 (Berlin) or No Bounds Festival (Sheffield) and SchneidersLaden. As a musician she played the modular synth live on festivals like Atonal (Berlin) with her project ZV_K.
Jackie just recently joined the SchneidersLaden-Showroom-Team, working there as product specialists for modular synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments. She is also working for EMS as Instructor & Project Manager and produces techno. Therefore, Jackie is well versed in teaching and using synthesizers.

Jessica and Jackie live what makes the scene of modular synthesizer artists so special – the feeling of having an open community that is always open and willing to share their knowledge.

They will be leading the Modular Synthesizer Workshop at Elisabeth Galeriesaal on Saturday, November 11th, 2017.

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