Tim Thaler

Tim Thaler is the founder and CEO of BLN.FM and founder and shareholder of Thaler & Rehor – voice training and speaker training. Since 2012, he is a freelance author at Deutschlandradio, and a lecturer in journalism, marketing and voice education at the School of Audio Engineering in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Since 2014, he is a lecturer in journalism and voice training at the SRH College of Popular Arts (hdpk) and since 2015, he has also held a teaching assignment for CrossMedia and voice training at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. In addition, he works as a consultant for social media campaigns, media presence and SEO as well as deputy chairman of the board of trustees of the Berlin Music Commission. Tim has been working as a freelance consultant for the Academy of German Media since 2015 and advises companies on legal issues relating to advertising and art buying.

Tim will be a panellist in Parenthood and Music at Acud Studio on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

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Photo credit: Jörg Pitschmann